Monday, March 13, 2017

Project Service Automation - Delegation UI and SDK Gotchas

A typical requirement for project management and time sheet systems is the ability to allow a manager to enter time sheets for team members. PSA supports this through the use of delegation records. A user can create a delegation record allowing another user to enter the hours they have worked on project tasks. Here I have created a delegation record for Joe Bloggs along with a  start and end date for when the delegation is allowed.

Now when I log on as Joe Bloggs from the Time Entry form I can switch users and add time entries for Joe Gill.

Delegation records are a bit cumbersome as the UI only allows a user to create delegation records for themselves and an administrator or project manager cannot create delegation records on behalf of another user. Also they can only be configured between two specifically named users. They cannot be configured in any type of generic or rule based fashion such as allowing a project manager to enter time worked for team members or allow membership of a team to give delegation rights. So entering delegate records for a large number of resources lends itself to improvement by writing some custom code using the SDK.